Work with Michelle

Private Lessons/Coaching Sessions

  • Voice Lessons
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Body Mapping Lessons (voice, instrumental, or conducting)

All lessons and coaching sessions are 60 minutes in length. To request a lesson or coaching session, please use the online scheduling tool. Your requested time will be confirmed or another time proposed.


  • Vocal technique topics
  • Breathing topics (for singers or instrumentalists)
  • Performance topics (for example: audition preparation, performance anxiety, character development, the Self Map)
  • Body mapping topics (for singers, instrumentalists, or conductors)

All workshops are from 90 minutes to 3 days in length, or Michelle can act as Artist in Residence for your program. Workshops can included a performance if desired. Workshops can be scheduled for any available time, including evenings or weekends, by special arrangement only. Please contact her directly.

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